Kentucky Arts Council says artists should be paid

At its June meeting, the board of the Kentucky Arts Council drafted a resolution regarding artist pay.

“The Kentucky Arts Council believes that artists should be fairly compensated for their work,” the resolution stated. “Requests for donations for artwork, performances or products, and other business practices not in keeping with the Kentucky Arts Council values statement, are not supported by this state agency.”

Arts Council spokesman Ed Lawrence said the resolution was in response to artists persistently being asked to donate work and feeling uncomfortable saying no to such requests, particularly in the case of charitable causes.

The values statement about compensation says, “Gratis creative services and works, demonstrations, or performances should not be solicited as standard practice.”

In a news release, KAC executive director Lori Meadows said, “While this resolution seems to be stating the obvious, it is a constant challenge to educate the public and organizations that seek the services of artists, that workers in the creative industry should be paid as those in any other profession.”

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