Ashley Judd talking about the Cats on Jimmy Fallon

Forgive us for self-indulgent acts like sleeping, but while we were looking at the insides of our eyelids Monday night, Ms. Ashley Judd was on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” talking about — what else — the Wildcats. In the clip above, Judd details some of her basketball watching rituals to a fascinated Fallon. She also talked about grad school life at Harvard, where she claims to eat a lot of pizza, and kicked Fallon and NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson’s posteriors in a bumper car race (a little coaching from Dario?). Click here for the full episode.

In a related story,  UK Coach John Calipari’s Hoops for Haiti auction finished, and dinner with Judd and  Calipari at the coach’s house went for almost six-figures.

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