SummerFest 2010 looks great on paper

Bob Singleton and Adam Luckey, shown here in the SummerFest 2009 production of "Jekyll and Hyde," will be back in "The Merchant of Venice," this year. By Rich Copley | LexGo.

Bob Singleton and Adam Luckey, shown here in the SummerFest 2009 production of "Jekyll and Hyde," will be back in "The Merchant of Venice," this year. By Rich Copley | LexGo.

In many pursuits we talk about how something looks on paper — how capable are the forces that have been assembled at accomplishing the task at hand? By that criteria, it looks like a great July in the Arboretum for SummerFest 2010.

Cast lists have been released for all the Summerfest productions, and they all include some of the Lexington area’s top talents as well as intriguing new names, and a few old friends we haven’t seen on stage in a while.

The Merchant of Venice, for instance, includes Lisa Thomas and Jeff Sherr, one-time local stage mainstays who’ve been away lately. Pride and Prejudice has Kentucky Classical Theatre Conservatory director Trish Clark playing mother to her real life daughter, Ellie Clark, as Elizabeth Bennett and also features the return of Tom Phillips to local stages as Mr. Darcy. And the Rent cast mixes fresh faces like local rocker John Dawson as Roger with familiar musical talents like Nick Vannoy as Collins in an intriguing cast. And the cast lists overall are dappled with actors in “I can see that” roles like Adam Luckey as Shylock in Merchant.

So here’s how SummerFest looks on paper. In a few months we’ll see how it looks on stage.

The Merchant of Venice

July 7-11, directed by Ave Lawyer

Shylock - Adam Luckey

Portia - Lisa Thomas

Antonio - Carmen Geraci

Bassanio - Bob Singleton

Gratiano - Evan Bergman

Salarino - Ryan Briggs

Lorenzo - Tanner Gray

Jessica - Joe Elswick

Nerissa - Rosanna Hurt

Launcelot - Patrick Davis

Duke - Jack McIntyre

Aragon - Jeff Sherr

Balthazar - Cameron Perry

The roles of Tubal, Morocco, and Salanio have yet to be cast

Pride And Prejudice

July 14-18, directed by Sullivan Canaday White

Mrs. Bennett - Trish Clark

Elizabeth Bennett - Ellie Clark

Jane Bennett – Holly Brady

Mary Bennett - Annie Barbera

Kitty Bennett - Erin Cutler

Lydia Barrett / Georgiana - Avery Wigglesworth

Mr. Darcy - Tom Phillips

Mr. Bingley/ Colonol Fitzwilliam - G. B. Dixon

Charlotte - Sarah Levy

Sir William Lucas/Mr. Collins/Mr. Gardner - Tim Hull

Miss Bingley/Mrs. Gardiner - Vanessa Becker

Lady Catherine - Stephanie Peniston

George Wickham - Drew Davidson

The role of Mr. Bennet has yet to be cast.


July 21-25, directed by Tracey Bonner

Mimi Márquez - Jessica Lucas

Roger Davis - John Dawson

Mark Cohen - Chip Becker

Maureen Johnson - Caroline Griffeth

Angel Dumott Schunard - Emanuel Williams

Tom Collins - Nick Vannoy

Joanne Jefferson - Sheronda Piersall

Benjamin ‘Benny’ Coffin III - Thomas Gibbs

Seasons Of Love Soloist - Jessica French

The Ensemble Includes: Casey Mather, Justin Norris, Sarah Matthews, Brandon Smith, Andrea Johnson, Beth Kovarik, Wood Van Meter and Katie Berger.

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  2. Splat says:

    Thanks for posting the cast lists. Looks like a Lexington’s in for a powerhouse summer. Welcome back, Tom Phillips! And a special shout out to Sarah Levy!

  3. Janet Lucas says:

    Big Shout Out to Jessica Lucas!

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