Ichthus: Red


Red guitar player Anthony Armstrong. Copyrighted photos by Rich Copley | LexGo.com.

If you think the rise of Red‘s career, playing the main stage at Ichthus on only its second album, was pretty fast, you are not alone.

“It feels pretty fast to us,” guitar player Anthony Armstrong said backstage at Ichthus on Friday. “The past four years have been a whirlwind.”

Ichthus alone has been an example. They first came in 2007 playing the Deep End Stage with their first album, The End of Silence. That album ballooned, and Red returned to the Main Stage the next year, closing out an afternoon. This year, with hit album No. 2, Innocence and Instinct, Red was back opening the evening card for Skillet.

Bassist Randy Armstrong's tattoo.

Bassist Randy Armstrong

And fans crammed around the stage like the were Skillet – 15-year veterans with a catalog of hit albums – or something.

“We know there are bands out there who have been around longer than us with more ablums who haven’t made it to this level,” Armstrong said.

Drummer Joe Rickard knows one of those bands well, The Wedding, which he used to be part of and says he still has tremendous respect for.

“It’s a blessing,” he said. “This is somehow part of God’s scheme … to spread the word.”

Bassist Randy Armstrong wants to be something else: an inspiration to young music fans like all the guys in the band were a few years ago. It’s tattooed on his arm: Inspired.

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