Slide show: SummerFest’s The Merchant of Venice

SummerFest is back, starting tonight with Ave Lawyer’s production of William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. It’s a modern-dress rendition of the story with a hip hop soundtrack and Shylock running his business dealings off of a laptop.

Here’s a quick checklist before you go to the park:

  • A chair or blanket, depending on how you prefer to sit
  • Food and drink to make a picnic of it
  • Bug spray – trust me, I was out there Tuesday night
  • A lantern or flashlight, at the very least, for making sure you get everything when you leave
  • A blanket or sweater – it may not be necessary this week, but some nights, it can get chilly in the Arboretum
This is Copious Notes’ 1,800th post.
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