Laura Bell Bundy joining How I Met Your Mother cast in a recurring role

Laura Bell Bundy has landed a recurring role on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. According to TV Guide and, Bundy will be playing the co-host of Metro News One with Robin (Cobie Smulders) and will go on a date with Ted (Josh Radnor), putting her in contention to be the title mother. (SPOILER ALERT: Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello has already shot down that idea, though he describes LBB’s role as “pivotal.”)

Laura Bell Bundy. Photo by Michael Elins.Here at LexGo Central, we have to hope that the plot will somehow be twisted to allow Bundy and Neil Patrick Harris to sing together.

Bundy is primarily out promoting her major label debut country album, Achin’ and Shakin’, though she’s also popped up on TV shows such as the season finale of Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List and Broadway continues to call for the Tony Award-nominated star of Leagally Blonde – The Musical.

Last weekend, Bundy was in Lexington seeing her cousin, Addyson Bell, play Brigitta in Paragon Music Theatre’s production of The Sound of Music. She will be back in town this fall for a concert Oct. 1 and as part of a Broadway showcase Oct. 4 in the Spotlight Lexington Festival during the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

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7 Responses to Laura Bell Bundy joining How I Met Your Mother cast in a recurring role

  1. PatGLex says:

    This is great news! I enjoy HIMYM very much, DVR it every week, and I can’t wait to see what they do with LBB! (And yes, something musical with Neil Patrick Harris would be great!)

  2. Kevin G says:

    It’s obviously somebody down at the HL has a woody for her, as she gets more publicity than Coach Cal in this town. Not to knock her achievements as I am happy for her, but the HL gives her 10X’s the publicity that she deserves. It’s as if the HL is her publicist.

  3. cwadams1955 says:

    Jeez, Kevin, it ain’t like the Lexington area has all that many young artists getting a break like this. I’d think people would want to support local artists – are you jealous or something? And let’s get real here: The only way she could get more publicity than “Coach Cal” is if they devoted the whole newspaper to her.

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  5. Jimmy says:

    Here’s a list of TV and Movie actors from or raised in KY, with the exception of Steve Zahn, you never hear the LHL mention any of them.

    Ned Beatty (b. 1937) Actor[25] Born in Louisville[25]
    James Best (b. 1926) Actor[26] Born in Powderly[26]
    Rodger Bingham (b. 1947) nicknamed ‘Kentucky Joe Fifth runner up on Survivor: The Australian Outback[27] Lives in Crittenden[27]
    Foster Brooks (1912–2001) Actor and comedian[28] Born in Louisville[28]
    W. Earl Brown (b. 1963) Actor[29] Born in Murray[29]
    Tod Browning (1880–1962) Actor and director[30] Born in Louisville[30]
    Leo Burmester (1944–2007) Actor[31] Born in Louisville[31]
    Jennifer Carpenter
    (b. 1979) Actress[32] Born in Louisville[32]
    John Carpenter (b. 1948) Film director[33] Raised in Bowling Green and attended Western Kentucky University[33]
    George Clooney (b. 1961) Actor[34] Born in Lexington,[34] raised in Augusta[35]
    Rosemary Clooney (1928–2002) Actress and singer[36] Born and raised in Maysville[36]
    William Conrad (1920–1994) Actor and narrator in radio, film and television[37] Born and raised in Louisville[37]
    Tom Cruise (b. 1962) Actor and producer[38] Raised in Louisville[38]
    Kassie DePaiva (b. 1961) Actress[39] Born and raised in Morganfield[39]
    Johnny Depp (b. 1963) Actor[40] Born in Owensboro[40]
    Bob Edwards (b. 1947) NPR radio host[41] Born in Louisville[41]
    Farah Fath (b. 1984) Actress[42] Born in Lexington[42]
    Don Galloway (1937–2009) Actor[43] Born and raised in Brooksville[43]
    Rebecca Gayheart (b. 1971) Actress[44] Born in Hazard[44]
    D. W. Griffith (1875–1948) Filmmaker[45] Born in La Grange[45]
    Florence Henderson (b. 1934) Actress[46] Raised in Owensboro[46]
    Josh Hopkins (b. 1970) Actor[47] Born in Lexington[47]
    Elizabeth Ann Hulette aka “Miss Elizabeth” (1960–2003) Professional wrestling manager and valet[48] Born and raised in Frankfort[48]
    Ashley Judd (b. 1968) Actress[49] Raised in Ashland[49]
    Robert Karnes (1917–1979) Actor[50] Born in Kentucky; city not given
    Matt Long (b. 1980) Actor[51] Born in Winchester[51]
    Joe Maggard (b. 1955) Ronald McDonald Actor[52] Born in Lynch[53]
    Lee Majors (b. 1939) Actor Raised in Middlesboro
    Terrence Mann (b. 1951) Actor[54] Born in Ashland
    William Mapother (b. 1965) Actor[55] Born in Louisville[55]
    Victor Mature (1915–1999) Actor[56] Born in Louisville[56]
    Charles Napier (b. 1936) Actor[57] Born in Scottsville[57]
    Patricia Neal (b. 1926) Actress[58] Born in Packard (Whitley County)[58]
    Grady Nutt (1937–1981) Religious humorist; television personality (Hee Haw)[59] Lived in Louisville from 1960 until his death including the entire time of his rise to fame[59]
    Warren Oates (1928–1982) Actor[60] Born in Depoy (Muhlenberg County)[60]
    Annie Potts (b. 1952) Actress[61] Born in Franklin[61]
    Lawrence Pressman
    (b. 1939) Actor[62] Born in Cynthiana[62]
    Jeffrey Reddick Screenwriter, actor, and film producer[63] Raised in Jackson, Kentucky[63]
    Rob Riggle (b. 1970) Actor[64] on The Daily Show, The Office, and SNL Born in Louisville[64]
    Kelly Rutherford (b. 1968) Actress [65] on Melrose Place and Gossip Girl Born in Elizabethtown, Kentucky
    Jeri Ryan (b. 1968) Actress[66] Raised in Paducah[66]
    Mitchell Ryan (b. 1928) Actor[67] Born in Louisville[67]
    Diane Sawyer (b. 1945) TV journalist[68] Born and raised in Glasgow;[68] lived in Louisville[69]
    William Shatner (b. 1931) Actor Captain James T. Kirk on Star Trek Seasonally resides in Woodford County, Kentucky
    J. Smith-Cameron (b. 1955) Actress[70] Born in Louisville[70]
    Harry Dean Stanton (b. 1926) Actor[71] Born in West Irvine (Estill County)[71]
    Chrishell Stause (b. 1981) Actress[72] Born in Draffenville (Marshall County)[72]
    Madame Sul-Te-Wan (1873–1959) Actress[73] Born in Louisville[73]
    Gus Van Sant (b. 1952) Film director[74] Born in Louisville[74]
    Jim Varney (1949–2000) Actor and comedian[75] Born in Lexington[75]
    Jack Warden (1920–2006) Actor[76] Raised in Louisville[76]
    Chuck Woolery (b. 1940) Game show host[77] Born in Ashland[77]
    Sean Young (b. 1959) Actress[78] Born in Louisville[78]
    Steve Zahn (b. 1967) Actor Lives in Scott County, Kentucky

  6. Rich Copley says:

    Jimmy, Your list fails to mention – to name one – Lexington native and 2008 Oscar nominee Michael Shannon, who we have written about extensively, along with many of the other people on your list. Our coverage of a few of them has actually brought responses similar to Kevin’s comment about our coverage of Laura Bell Bundy. On the other hand, quite a number of the people you mentioned have passed on or are not currently engaged in prominent work.
    We are always happy to cover Kentuckians, particularly Central Kentuckians, who go on to significant national and international arts and entertainment careers. We cover them when they are producing new and noteworthy work. Things like a major label country debut and a significant role on a network TV show would fall under that heading.

  7. cwadams1955 says:

    Yeah, what Rich Copley said. I could add a couple of others to the list, too, but again, they wouldn’t be *young* artists getting a good opportunity on a highly-rated network program – not the same thing as established artists who are in the public eye in national and international media on a regular basis. And I’m not sure what logic would expect *deceased* artists to get equal time, either. Still sounds like sour grapes to me…

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