College theaters end year with non-holiday fare

If you are looking for area entertainment offerings this time of year that do not come with Jingle Bells and declarations of “God Bless us, Everyone,” some area college theaters might have what you’re looking for.

The University of Kentucky Theatre and Bluegrass Community and Technical College are opening end-of-semester shows this weekend that will have nary a stitch of red fur or mistletoe in evidence. In fact, UK appears geared to darken an already dark tale.

Romeo and Juliet by UK Theatre, Dec. 1-11 – Director Andrew Kimbrough aims to emphasize the tragedy in William Shakespeare’s tale of star-crossed lovers with an updated look and street fighting with fists and blunt objects instead of swords. “Four people end up dead, and there is a lot of violence throughout Romeo and Juliet,” Kimbrough says in a news release. “Our production aims to avoid the popular misconceptions by staging the tragedy.”

Broadsword by BCTC Theatre, Dec. 1-3 – No, there aren’t any swords in Marco Rameriz’s play either, except for the title. This supernatural thriller about a heavy metal band that reunites to save one of its members from Hell. Knowing director Tim X Davis’ passion for rock ‘n’ roll, this should be a production with a lot of heart. In the Miami New Times,  critic Brandon K. Thorp wrote, “Given a chance, Broadsword is the kind of show that could develop a cult following among young hipsters.”

See Friday’s Weekender section of the Herald-Leader for a rundown of Central Kentucky holiday music and theater offerings.

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