Former Lexingtonians’ The Devil Inside gets a horrifying reception after opening

William Brent Bell, the director and a co-writer of The Devil Inside, discussed a scene with Suzan Crowley, who plays a woman whose exorcism led to three deaths. (c) Photo by Toni Salabasev

The Devil Inside, the new movie from former Lexingtons William Brent Bell and Matthew Peterman, was not screened for critics prior to opening on the first weekend in January, a notoriously slow cinema weekend.

Now that critics are getting a look at it, the reviews are about as pretty as an exorcism.

“If it’s January, it must be low-grade horror season,” writes the Orlando Sentinel’s Roger Moore, whose reviews we usually run in the Herald-Leader. “And since The Rite cashed in last January, why not roll out a Blair Witchy hand-held ‘We’re making a documentary about my possessed mother’ film?'”

Moore posited, “the ending is such a cheat that you’ll be fighting back the urge to boo the closing credits.”

Some apparently could not suppress that urge as Drew McWeeny wrote on the website Hitfix, “When the director’s credit came up in the theater I was in tonight, people began to boo. Many people. Spontaneously. I read about this happening in other theaters.”

For Reuters, Alonso Duralde wrote, “Mind you, this silly film cost a million bucks to make, and earned twice that in the Thursday midnight screenings alone, so we have only ourselves to blame. Unless the devil made us do it.”

Despite the bad notices, The Devil Inside’s freaky trailer still has a lot of horror fans pumped to see it, if Twitter is a good indicator.

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