Rolling Stone cover declares Jennifer Lawrence ‘America’s Kick-Ass Sweetheart’

Rolling Stone is primarily known as a music magazine, but Kentucky seems to have a habit of getting its movie stars on the cover.

This week, Louisville’s Jennifer Lawrence, star of blockbuster The Hunger Games,   joins that list which includes Johnny Depp (numerous times) and George Clooney. Like most Stone interviews, the online excerpt of Josh Eells story indicates this will be a … ahem … revealing tale. (Note to Jen: When you shout the F-bomb into your cell phone while talking to a Stone scribe, you are on the record.)

But for a woman who is building a reputation for playing gritty heroines, she has to appreciate Stone’s declaration that she is “America’s Kick-Ass Sweetheart.” Just remember that the folks at Kentucky for Kentucky beat the pop culture icon to the punch when they declared Lawrence and her Kentuckian co-star Josh Hutcherson “Kick-Ass Kentuckians.”

The story is in the April 12 issue of Rolling Stone, due on newsstands Friday.


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