Old school Kentucky Theatre week

The Beatles 1968 classic "Yellow Submarine" will be shown June 17 at the Kentucky Theatre.

With the Kentucky Theatre hosting a very rare Saturday night concert by Bruce Hornsby on June 16, booker Larry Thomas has put together a week that looks sorta like the old days of the Kentucky, when there was a new movie every couple days.

The Kentucky traditionally does not book Friday or Saturday night concerts because distributors of first-run films require theaters to play their movies on Friday and Saturday nights, the most lucrative nights at the movies. The Kentucky agreed to present the Hornsby concert when the Troubadour concert series found itself in a bit of a pinch for a venue on the 16th. The trade off was no first run film for the Kentucky that week.

“Rather just put in something to fill, I thought we might have some fun with it,” Thomas wrote in an email.

So, the old-school Kentucky Theatre week will get started with the June 13 Summer Classics showing of  Johnny Guitar, a 1954 western starring Joan Crawford and Sterling Hayden.

Here’s the rest of the lineup:

June 14, 15: Marley (2012) – Kevin Macdonald’s documentary about Bob Marley, featuring Jimmy Cliff and Ziggy Marley.

June 16: Bruce Hornsby and The Noisemakers in concert.

June 17: Yellow Submarine (1968) – A digitally restored print of The Beatles’ animated classic.

June 18, 19: First Position (2011) – Bess Kargman’s documentary follows six young dancers preparing for the Youth America Grand Prix, one of the most prestigious ballet competitions in the world.

June 20: Ghostbusters (1984) – The 1980s classic comedy starring Bill Murray. This is part of the Summer Classics series.

June 21: Mulberry Child (2011) – Susan Morgan Cooper’s documentary follows a woman who grows up in China during the Cultural Revolution, emigrates to the United States, and returns to China with her daughter during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The film about cultural disconnects was a hit at the Central Library’s Farish Theatre in April.

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