Art project to tattoo poem on 200-plus Lexingtonians

Transylvania University artists Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova, shown here in a photo for their Discarded project, which involved photographing people on discarded counches and chairs, in 2011. © Herald-Leader staff photo by Rich Copley

Transylvania University-based artists Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova are embarking on another innovative community-art project. This one will spread poetry across the bodies of Lexingtonians.

The Lexington Tattoo Project will take a poem about the city by area writer Bianca Spriggs, split it up and spread it across the bodies of more than 200 residents. At press time, Todorova said 227 participants had agreed to have a word or phrase from the poem tattooed on their bodies by Robert Alleyne of Charmed Life Tattoo. The tattoos will be designed by Gohde and Todorova, who will create a video work of the project featuring the overall design for the poem. They said the design will not be known to anyone but themselves and Alleyne until the video is complete.

Todorova said tattooing is scheduled to take place through January; the entire project will be complete in June.

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