UK pulling the plug on Classic Arts Showcase

Fans of the Classic Arts Showcase on Insight Channel 219 will have to find another way to get their fix of classical music and ballet clips. The University of of Kentucky, which has presented the channel, will discontinue it as of March 1. (The video, above, is an Angel Records clip from Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons featuring Fabio Biondi, conductor and violin soloist, from Classic Arts Showcase’s YouTube channel.)

A statement from the university said, “The University of Kentucky will discontinue satellite downlinking services … due to maintenance cost of under-utilized and aging equipment.”

Other services delivered through satellite downlink will be delivered through other avenues, the statement said, but the Classic Arts Showcase “is not available for UK to distribute in other ways.”

Classic Arts Showcase, founded by the late Lloyd Rigler, a businessman and philanthropist, is a Los Angeles-based free satellite TV service that provides 24-hour programming of classical music, opera, ballet and film. It’s available across the country on public, educational and government channels, and through some PBS stations. It is also shown on Dish Network channel 9406.

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