White Flag group returning to Actors Guild


Actress Allie Press in White Flag Performance Group's original production, "The Bear Loves Honey." © Photo by Nicholas Karlin.

Actress Allie Press in White Flag Performance Group’s original production, “The Bear Loves Honey.” © Photo by Nicholas Karlin.

White Flag Performance Group, co-directed by Danville native Rowen Haigh, is making a return appearance at Actors Guild of Lexington in late July.

The Bear Loves Honey is based on the story of Anatoly Moskvin, a Russian historian who was arrested in 2011 for digging up the bodies of more than 20 girls and young women and keeping them in his apartment, dressed up like dolls. The White Flag production tells the story from the perspective of one of the girls, from her exhumation to being dressed up and participating in “tea parties” and other events in the historian’s home.

“In working with this story, we have found that underneath what has been described as ‘the skin-crawly-ness’ of this material, there lies a deep well of experiential nourishment that is ultimately positive and connective,” a statement on the Kickstarter page for the project says.

Last summer, White Flag brought its original show Really You Should Use Bullets to Actors Guild, giving the Lexington audience a bit more avant garde presentation than we usually see on local stages. It was a redemption story that followed a clown’s journey through the afterlife.

White Flag was formed by Haigh, daughter of Centre College drama professor Tony Haigh, and her fellow students at Towson State University in Towson, Md., just North of Baltimore.

The Bear Loves Honey plays at 8 p.m. July 25 to 27 at Actors Guild.  Tickets are $20 and will go on sale later this week.


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