Pioneer Playhouse spruces up

DANVILLE — I came down to see Pioneer Playhouse‘s Turtleman-meets-Shakespeare play — seriously, this is a thing we’ll have more on later this week — when something else caught my eye.
The actual Playhouse.
Gone is the plain green wall on each side of the stage, replaced with some gorgeous, stained, recovered wood. Adding to the upscale barn feel is the theater’s name in slightly lighter wood block letters. That and the theater’s new roof are part of artistic director Robby Henson’s effort to spruce up the place.
“We just wanted to let people know things are looking up here,” Robby said.
Inside the facility, Henson and collaborators have also redone the gift shop including a chandelier fashioned from whiskey bottles — the kind of thing they’ll charge you real money for at Bourbon and Boots.
And the Playhouse does have a busy summer coming up, including back-to-back world premieres with Holly Hepp-Galvan’s Tamed (the Turtleman-Shakespeare show) opening Tuesday night and Elizabeth Orndorff’s The Search for Tinker Doyle opening July 9. The latter play coincides with the Danville Irish Festival, with activities including cricket on the Playhouse lawn.


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