Don’t forget Balagula’s E.G.O. on this huge weekend

Clint Gill as Gene and Amy Faust as Agnes during a dress rehearsal of E.G.O.: The Passions of Eugene Gladstone O'Neill at the Downtown Arts Center in Lexington, Ky., Wednesday evening, September 11, 2013. Photo by Matt Goins

Clint Gill as Gene and Amy Faust as Agnes during a dress rehearsal of “E.G.O.: The Passions of Eugene Gladstone O’Neill” at the Downtown Arts Center in Lexington, Ky. © Photo by Matt Goins.

The consensus here at Weekender Central is this is the biggest arts and entertainment weekend any of us can remember in Lexington in quite a while. The only thing we don’t seem to have is UK Football, and the Night Market did announce it is moving to next Friday, Sept. 27, with the predictions of Thunderstorms Saturday.

But between Boomslang, Gallery Hop, Crave, and reams of other things, this is an amazingly busy weekend. And if you want to sit there and complain there is nothing to do in Lexington this weekend, it’s because you don’t like to do anything.

One show did open last weekend that should not be forgotten in the deluge of events. Balagula Theatre opened the world premiere production of E.G.O.: The Passions of Eugene Gladstone O’NeillThe play represents one of the real burgeoning trends in Lexington theater: new work, be it locally or nationally penned.

This is a good thing, and an exciting thing. Certainly, we need theaters to present the great works of the stage, some of which happen to have been written by O’Neill. Just writing our feature on the show reminded me of several amazing works I’d love to see again. But playwriting is a living, growing art, and every time a Lexington company stages a new show, it says that the art form will continue to blossom here too.

Jo Morello’s E.G.O. won the playwriting competition of the Kentucky Women Writer’s Conference, yet another one of the big events happening in Lexington this weekend, and it brings to town a writer with a national reputation and a specific expertise in O’Neill.

Through a series of circumstances as weird as this weekend is busy, we have not been able to get a critic to E.G.O. But this is its last weekend, and if you have not seen it, it is worth considering working into your plans.

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