October is horror month at the Kentucky Theater

Following up on the Summer Classics series and Rosa Goddard International Film Festival in September, the Kentucky Theater is offering up a series of horror classics at midnight Fridays and matinee Saturdays in October. The themes in the series seem to be horror-comedy bookended by isolation tales.

Here’s the lineup:

130925AlienOct. 4 and 5: Alien, 1979. The original Ridley Scott version of the story about the ravenous monster that takes up residence on a spaceship and in John Hurt’s stomach.

Oct. 11 and 12: Army of Darkness, 1992. Bruce Campbell stars in the Sam Rami film, the third in the Evil Dead franchise. In this one, a man gets tossed back to the 14th century and has to battle an army of the undead to get back to the 20th.

Oct. 18 and 19: Shawn of the Dead, 2004. The first of the Edgar Wright-Simon Pegg trilogy that just wrapped up with The World’s End, this focuses on a guy who has to deal with girlfriend and family trouble, as well as a Zombie apocalypse.

Oct. 25 and 26: The Thing, 1982. Bowling Green-raised and Western Kentucky University-educated John Carpenter’s version of the paranoid tale of a parasitic life form at an Antarctic research station.

Also, The Rocky Horror  Picture Show will of course show for Halloween at midnight Oct. 26 and 9:30 p.m. and midnight Oct. 31.

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