Picasso ain’t originating from Lexington anymore

Matt Jordan, operator of You ain't no Picasso, at the Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, Tenn., in 2006. © Herald-Leader staff photo by Mark Cornelison.

Matt Jordan, operator of You ain’t no Picasso, at the Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, Tenn., in 2006. © Herald-Leader staff photo by Mark Cornelison.

For a decade, Matt Jordan has been chronicling music in Lexington and beyond on his blog, You Ain’t No Picasso. In addition to writing, the Elizabethtown native became an accomplished concert photographer, following the music where it led, from Lexington stages like Cosmic Charlie’s and Al’s Bar to iconic events like South by Southwest in Austin and Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tenn.

Jordan’s career has now led him to Connecticut where he is doing creative social media for a book and publishing company and living in Stamford.

Jordan started You Ain’t No Picasso in 2004 shortly after enrolling at the University of Kentucky to study journalism. At the time, he was blazing a new trail in music coverage. Where deference was still given to representatives of magazines like Spin and Rolling Stone and daily newspaper scribes and shooters, Jordan was scoring coveted media passes to major events as an online-only entity.

“It still surprises me that I got a press pass to this,” Jordan said to the Herald-Leader’s Jamie Gumbrecht at the 2006 Bonnaroo Festival. “I consider myself a journalist in training. I guess I’m a professional blogger.”

Jordan maintained a pace few could keep up with, and he was able to support the work through advertising, still a rare feat in the online world. He developed a strong following, strong relationships with bands and earned national recognition numerous times.

Jordan chronicled some important Lexington music events like the 2009 passing of The Dame, the one-time downtown music hotspot that was demolished to make way for the Centrepointe development.

On his Facebook and Twitter accounts in early December, Jordan posted, “I’ve lived in Kentucky since before I was making memories,” and added that on that day, “I head to Connecticut to make some new ones! ”

He recently mused on Twitter, “I’m not yet used to seeing NYC show announcements and realizing I can easily attend.”

For the moment, You Ain’t No Picasso is on hiatus (it’s Facebook page is still up, but has not been updated since November) as Jordan settles into his new day gig. But he plans to revive YANP soon and even get into coverage of the New York music scene. That is a fairly saturated market, but based on the work he did here, Jordan should make a place for himself in The City.

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