‘Justified’ recap: ‘The Kids Aren’t All Right’

Kaitlyn Dever as Loretta and Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens in 'The Kid's Aren't All Right,' the second episode in season five of 'Justified.' © FX photo by Prashant Gupta.

Kaitlyn Dever as Loretta and Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens in ‘The Kid’s Aren’t All Right,’ the second episode in season five of ‘Justified.’ © FX photo by Prashant Gupta.

SPOILER ALERT: If you were doing something else, like watching the Cats’ overtime loss to Arkansas, and have Tuesday night’s Justified on DVR, read no further.

While last week’s season premiere was all about new business, the second episode of season five tended to some old business, namely Loretta (Kaitlyn Dever), the girl Mags Bennett (Emmy winner Margo Martindale) turned into an orphan and then took under her wing in season two.

Since then, Loretta has been living in Lexington with a foster family, but criminal ways seem to be in her blood. She’s dealing pot and got mixed up with a Hot Rod Dunham (Mickey Jones), Justified’s recurring scraggly-bearded marijuana dealer from Memphis. And, of course, when she gets in trouble, she has to get Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) involved.

This week’s side trip was a pretty cut and dried rescue mission that ended with Raylan getting ‘retta off the hook with Hot Rod by assuring him he could gun him and all his goons down and his badge would make it legal. Then Raylan dropped the girl off at home, fairly certain he had not seen the last of her.

The main payoff was Raylan met Alison (Amy Smart), Loretta’s social worker who bows in with a toasty line about forgetting to put on her underwear. The last we see of them, they’re flirting over take-out Chinese in the mansion of some rich dude Raylan and Rachel (Erica Tazel) busted at the beginning of the show. Raylan’s also tooling around in the guy’s Mercedes.

But there are dark clouds for Raylan. Art (Nick Searcy) is figuring out Raylan may have been privy to Nicky Augustine’s (Mike O’Malley) execution at the end of last season on the tarmac at Bluegrass Airport, and he’s making phonecalls. (There was also a Keeneland namedrop here. You guys could have filmed at Keeneland. They love making movies at Keeneland.)

The darker clouds though are for Boyd (Walton Goggins) who beat funeral home director Lee Paxton (Sam Anderson) within an inch of his life at the end of last week’s episode after the old man refused to help get Ava (Joelle Carter) out of prison. Paxton’s mail-order bride Mara (Karolyna Wydra) is covering for Boyd if he’ll get her $300,000 to leave the country, but a deputy who wants to cuff Boyd is threatening her, and as the episode closes, Paxton is waking up. But that’s not the only problem Boyd has. His drug pipeline from Detroit has dried up, and his dealers are getting restless. In the final scene, we see his latest shipment was ambushed.

The Crowe family, which dominated last week’s episode, was pretty much absent tonight until the final scenes. Once again, newly minted brothel owner Dewey (Damon Herriman) is about to get frisky with some of his employees when he interrupted. This time, cousin Darryl (Michael Rapaport) shows up to help him run the business, apparently whether he needs help or not.( It’s Dewey; he needs help.)

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