‘Justified’ recap: ‘Good Intentions’

Timothy Olyphant as  Raylan Givens and Amy Smart as Alison on 'Justified.' FX photo by  Prashant Gupta.

Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens and Amy Smart as Alison on ‘Justified.’ FX photo by Prashant Gupta.

Good Intentions was one of those slow-burn episodes of Justified where it keeps feeling like something is going to happen right after the next commercial break, and then the next, but things never quite ignite.

But there were some interesting revelations, like that Raylan’s (Timothy Olyphant) new girl may not be as good as she seems. (As if we should be surprised.)

Warning flags are popping up all over the place about social worker Alison (Amy Smart). When she and Raylan start to get it on, she fires up a joint that she passes off as taking the edge off her hig- stress job, and Raylan passes on enforcing the law. Their tryst is cut short by a baseball-bat wielding member of the hair club for men who seems sent to scare Raylan about something. Raylan assumes it’s homeowner Charles Monroe’s (Xander Berkeley) goon.

But it turns out he and Alison have a history. He claims she planted drugs on him so his child would be taken away. Raylan tells him to worry about his own life and stop blaming others for his failings. But are he and Alison in cahoots, maybe to rob the estate Raylan is residing in, maybe for more?

It’s a question Raylan and Alison actually address.

“You tend to get involved with women who run afoul of the law,” Alison says. Raylan replies, “It’s happened once or twice. I wouldn’t call it a tendency.”

Monroe’s storyline, it seems, has resolved for the time being. He gets released from jail on his own recognizance, but soon messes that up when Raylan and Rachel (Erica Tazel) make it seem Wyn Duffy (Jere Burns) stole his gold from his safe, and he goes to take a shot at Wyn, right after Rayland and Rachel arrive.

Ava (Joelle Carter) expresses her frustration to Boyd (Walton Goggins).

Ava (Joelle Carter) expresses her frustration to Boyd (Walton Goggins).

Meanwhile, there is trouble in the gangster’s paradise of Harlan, where Ava’s (Joelle Carter) incarceration is taking a toll on her and Boyd’s (Walton Goggins) relationship. His plans to get her sprung without going to court are going awry, and Ava’s seeing her chances of beating a murder sentence slip away.

Then there is Mara (Karolyna Wydra), the wife of the man Boyd nearly beat to death who creates a steamy scene when she asks Boyd to show her his tattoos. There seem to be several twists left in this storyline about how Boyd beats his own charges for the near-deadly assault and who comes out of it all alive.

Once again though, after the bloodbath of the season premiere, this episode was body count free (save for the victims of the foiled drug run), though there were spurts of violence. But there were strong hints that streak will be broken in episode four, maybe by Harlan’s most hapless criminal Dewey Crowe (Damon Herriman).

Cousin Daryl (Michael Rapaport) is settling in at Dewey’s trailer park bordello, and Dewey doesn’t like it. Daryl tells Dewey he overpaid Boyd for the business and that he needs get $100,000 from Boyd, and he’ll take half and go away. Of course, Dewey’s shakedown instantly goes awry as he admits to Boyd — who at the same time is zeroing in on who messed up his drug shipment at the end of last week’s episode — that Daryl has moved in on his business.

“Cousin Daryl is difficult times,” Dewey tells Boyd, and gets a motivational speech in return: “Put your foot down, Dewey Crowe!”

Dewey returns to the business to find Daryl has figured out why Dewey is only making a few hundred dollars a week off the whorehouse: His right hand man, Messer (James LeGros), has been skimming a few thousand dollars a week. Daryl tells Dewey he’ll need to take care of the situation.

“How do you get rid of bodies around here,” Daryl asks. “Back home, we just feed ’em to the gators.”

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