Four Kentuckians in ‘American Idol’ contention

Hollywood week has arrived on American Idol, and there are four Kentuckians still in contention to go onto the live shows — or there were, when Hollywood week was filmed. Here they are, with a look at the “Road to Hollywood” videos they filmed for Idol.

Blake Branscom, 16, of Middlesboro says he wants to continue Kentucky’s country music tradition. When judge Jennifer Lopez said he was cute, Branscom says he though, “here’s my number.” Morehead State University student Zach Day hails from Stearns. He says people expect that since he grew up on a farm he would sing country and bluegrass, but he says he surprises them by singing in pop and jazz styles as well.

Ashland native and 2012 Boyd County High School graduate Jesse Cline said he really took judge Keith Urban’s advice to heart, that what separates a good musician from a great musician is believeability. He also makes a reality show connection, citing Pentatonix, winners of The Sing Off, as inspirations.

Louisville’s Brandy Neelly says she celebrated her win, after a debate between Lopez and judge Harry Connick Jr., by giving her golden ticket a big smooch. “It’s very gold, and very fresh, and it fits right in my hand,” she says. “It loves me back … We have a special bond.”

The Hollywood Week episodes are at 8 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday on Fox.

Thanks to Fox 56 10 O’Clock News anchor Jennifer Nime Palumbo for help gathering the information about the Kentucky contenders.

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