Erin Christopher has a good outing on ‘Jeopardy Teen Tournament’

Erin Christopher of Lexington posed with Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek during filming of the show's teen tournament. © Jeopardy photo by  Carol Kaelson.

Erin Christopher of Lexington posed with Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek during filming of the show’s teen tournament. © Jeopardy photo by Carol Kaelson.

Tates Creek High School junior Erin Christopher had a good showing in the Jeopardy Teen Tournament, but she did not advance to the next round.

The Tuesday night broadcast started strong for the Lexington 16-year-old, who got to pick first and got the right answer, Roar, in the Katy Perry category. Through most of the first round, she traded the lead with Jeff Xie of Edison, N.J., including scoring the Daily Double by knowing that English is the official language of Liberia.

For the first round, Erin was loose and jokey, telling host Alex Trebek in the interview segment that she is working on a second draft of the novel she wrote in her freshman year. Trebek was particularly amused that she said her writing style had matured since freshman year.

Erin finished the first round behind Jeff by slightly more than $1,000. But he started to pull away in the second round, and Selena Groh of Arlington Heights, Ill., caught up. Erin’s best moment in the second round was correctly identifying the holiday first celebrated June 19, 1910 as Father’s Day, which had to make her dad, WLEX-TV anchor Kevin Christopher, smile.

Selena won in Final Jeopardy, correctly identifying the Eiffel Tower as the landmark erected for the the 1889 World’s Fair and betting just enough to pass Jeff. She finished with $20,000, and Jeff was second with $19,000 and could get into the next round as a wild card. Erin finished with $9,000 and the pride of knowing she was one of the few to make it into the televised tourney, and she represented herself, her school and her city very well.

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