Q&A with Concert with the Stars’ Jonathan Groff

Jonathan Groff photographed in January 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Jeff Vespa, Getty Images.

Jonathan Groff photographed in January 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Jeff Vespa, Getty Images.

The Lexington Theatre Company is launching with a bang Saturday night, bringing in three Broadway stars Laura Bell Bundy, Jonathan Groff and Mara Davi to perform solo and with aspiring local and regional talents.

We got to chat with Bundy and company co-directors Lyndy Franklin Smith and Jeromy Smith for a preview story in today’s Weekender section. We didn’t quite get answers to questions for Groff, who many of you may know best for his voice role as Kristoff in Frozen, until just after the story went to print.

But what are deadlines in the virtual world? To further whet your appetite for Saturday’s show, here’s a quick Q&A with the Tony nominee for Spring Awakening — the same year Bundy was a nominee for Legally Blonde — The Musical.

Tell us what persuaded you to come to Lexington to perform on this show?

Lyndy and Jeromy are my very good friends and I really believe in their dream to start a theater company in Lexington. 

What is on tap for you in this show; what are you most looking forward to doing?

The theater that surrounded me back in my hometown of Lancaster, Pa., totally changed my life and I am going to sing songs and tell stories that describe that journey and hopefully show how this new theater company can really give so much to the community. The part I am most looking forward to is singing the song Hair with some local kids from the area!  

You have been on the stage at the Opera House before. What are your impressions of the theater?

Yes! This will be my third time performing there. The first time was on the national tour of The Sound of Music. And the second was singing at Lyndy and Jeromy’s wedding! I think it is a GORGEOUS theater, certainly one of the most beautiful I’ve ever been in.

What is the importance of projects and theaters like the one Lyndy and Jeromy have hatched up here? Have theaters such as this been part of your career?

Yes growing up with The Fulton Opera House and the Ephrata Performing Arts Center back home in Lancaster, Pa., completely changed my life. Not only do local theaters give local artists the chance to express themselves and work at an incredibly high level, having a theater company like this provides a great source of entertainment and income for the community that they can be proud knowing is brought to them by people from their own city.

Obviously the biggest project you have been involved in since we saw you here was Frozen. How big has voicing Kristoff been for your career? Do people recognize you for that role now, or is there a different dynamic in playing an animated character.

Frozen has been a dream come true! I grew up obsessively watching Disney movies as a child. My favorite part of the experience has been making voice memos for friends and family members’ children as the voices of Kristoff and Sven!

What is next for, stage, film or a little of both?

I’m in a show called Looking that has its season two premiere on Sunday night on HBO (10 p.m. ET), hopefully we’ll get to do another season of that! But I’ll be back in New York in June to do the City Center Encore’s production of A New Brain.

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