Campaign launched to bring ‘Parks and Rec’ band Mouse Rat to CentrePit

Even a renewed promise to finally develop the controversial CentrePointe block has not deterred Lexingtonians from launching new campaigns and initiatives regarding the block. The latest, launched Wednesday, is a bit of life imitating art involving the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation.

Fans of the series know a running controversy through the Amy Poehler show about small-town city government centered on what to do with an abandoned pit. That even led the show’s resident band Mouse Rat (mild language advisory) to write a song called The Pit. Sample lyrics:

The Pit.
I fell in it, The Pit.
You fell in it, The Pit.
We all were in that Pit.

So a new Go Fund Me campaign seeks to raise the $1,000 Mouse Rat states on its web page that it requires to come play the event. Already, more than $500 has been raised.

The campaign page, posted by Alicia Ortega, addresses Mouse Rat directly saying:

Our pit would put your pit to shame. If we were going to compare pit sizes, ours would be Detlef Schrempf and yours would be Tom Haverford. Not that we’re bragging. We hate our pit. We have tried to “care really loudly” at the people in charge, but there is no Leslie Knope here to listen …

When we heard your instant classic The Pit, it was as if you had peered into the soul of every single Lexingtonian and put our struggle into beautiful, beautiful words.

Now, in our role as realists here, we do need to point out some things like:

~ Mouse Rat is a fictional band from a TV show that finished its run early this year.

~ Andy Dwyer, the frontman, is played by Chris Pratt, who has become one of the biggest movie stars on the planet. So getting him here for $1,000 is a bit of a stretch. (Also, the page says the presenter needs to pony up for transportation for gear, band members and their pets, so this effort will require some more cash.)

~ It is fairly unlikely you could get a permit to present an event in CentrePit, which — active or not — is a construction site.

But you know, one of the big things people loved about Parks and Rec was its sense of optimism, and that good people with good intentions could work together to do good things. So, who knows? From this corner, we will say it would be a lot of fun to cover Mouse Rat playing CentrePit.

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