Jordan Smith’s battle round on ‘The Voice’ went according to plan

Regina Love and Jordan Smith prepare for their battle round on "The Voice" with coach Adam Levine. NBC photo by Tyler Golden.

Regina Love and Jordan Smith prepare for their battle round on “The Voice” with coach Adam Levine. NBC photo by Tyler Golden.

Jordan Smith and Regina Love: Competitors? Collaborators? Conspirators?

A few days after his battle round aired on The VoiceSmith took a few minutes to reflect with us on his and Love’s performance of Sam Smith’s Like I Canwhich raised the studio roof and the blood pressure of coach Adam Levine when he had to choose between the two singers.

That’s the way Smith and Love wanted it.

“We had a meeting where Adam told us who our battle round partners were,” Smith, a Coldiron resident, said. When he found he was partnered with Love,  an Atlanta-based singer with a powerful voice who has worked as a recording and touring artist before, “I was intimidated and I was super excited. Most of all, I knew we were going to do something special.

“We spent a lot of personal time together, and honestly we became really great friends. We have similar beliefs and come from similar backgrounds. We prayed together a number of times.”

And they had a goal, which they realized they achieved when Levine said, after their performance, he was starting to feel dumb for putting the two powerhouses together.

“We wanted it to feel like a mistake,” Smith said. “We wanted to make it so that the coaches had no excuses to get rid of either one of us.”

The steal is in play in the battle round, meaning each coach can take a certain number of singers other coaches cast off.

And that’s how it went down. Levine declared Smith the winner. As he hugged Love, Smith says he told her, “You got this,” and within a few minutes, coach Gwen Steffani claimed Love for her team.

Next up for both is the knockout round — where singers will perform individually, though competing in pairs — the last of the pre-recorded rounds. They begin airing Oct. 26.

Meanwhile, while waiting for a possible return trip to California, depending on how the knockout round goes (went), Smith has been working as a substitute teacher in his home of Harlan County. The singer, who is taking the semester off from his senior year at Lee University in Cleveland, Tenn., says he has enjoyed teaching at the same schools he went to as a child.

“It feels a little weird to eat lunch with teachers I had,” Smith says. “But I have really enjoyed it.”

And yes, a lot of the kids do know who Smith is. Team Jordan grows.

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