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While his show is in ‘Cougar Town,’ Josh Hopkins’ heart is in Big Blue Nation

Life is about to get stressful for Lexington native Josh Hopkins. It’s not that he’s wrapping up a six-season run on the TBS sitcom Cougar Town, playing opposite Courteney Cox, and now has to figure out what his next act … Continue reading

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‘Justified’ enters the home stretch

The final season of Justified  didn’t get off to the rip-snortin’ start we were hoping for from FX’s Kentucky-based crime drama. It may have been hard for it to do that. After all, what we are anticipating is the resolution … Continue reading

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When Leonard Nimoy came to Lexington

The death of iconic Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy on Friday prompted many people to share their memories of the actor who played Mr. Spock. Those people included Kentucky producer George Rasmussen, who hired Nimoy in 1975 to act in a film for PBS, … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ legacy more than comedy

For the better part of the last decade, I had the same reaction to most major news stories, particularly if they were of the political or ridiculous variety: What is Jon Stewart going to say about this? For 15 years … Continue reading

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‘Justified’ Season 6 premiere

Life in Harlan has gotten complicated in five seasons, particularly for Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder. The Season 6 premiere of Justified included several reflections back to the series’ first hours, when Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) was just a loose gun in the … Continue reading

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Justified: Live and let die in Harlan

There’s a promo clip for Justified in which someone, with gun drawn, is approaching a man sitting at a bar, who’s wearing a familiar tan hat. When the wearer turns to face the barrel, we see it is not lawman … Continue reading

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George Clooney to appear on ‘Downton Abbey’

If you are like a number of people I know who (A) love George Clooney and (B) love Downton Abbey, prepare to have your mind blown. Gorgeous George is going to be on Downton Abbey, or at least part of a Downton Abbey event. … Continue reading

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Reality check: ‘Saturday Night Live’ has always been hit-and-miss

So I was surfing comments on Entertainment Weekly’s wrap-up of the Chris Rock-Prince episode of Saturday Night Live on Sunday when I stumbled onto a group of commenters who had actual — Wow! — perspective. “The actual truth is that the show … Continue reading

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Lexington’s Sydney Cubit on ‘The Voice’

Lexington teen Sydney Cubit will go before Adam, Pharrell, Gwen and Blake this week on NBC’s “The Voice.” The 16-year-old Henry Clay High School student has become well-know in Lexington as a singer and songwriter with regular gigs at venues … Continue reading

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Appreciation: Robin Williams, 1951-2014

Most of us first met Robin Williams as Mork from Ork, who arrived on Earth in a giant egg and charmed the planet, particularly a fetching earthling named Mindy. In the years after Mork & Mindy’s run on ABC from 1978 to … Continue reading

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