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Beyoncé lip-synced at the inauguration? This is news?

I don’t know if The Kinks ever lip-synced a performance of their song Predictable, but it would have been appropriate considering the reaction any time a high-profile, big-arena performance is done with pre-recorded help. The latest brouhaha comes following Beyoncé’s rendition of … Continue reading

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Election 2012: The final analysis?

Political junkies like me have seen two broad narratives about what will happen in tomorrow’s presidential election between Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney. The most popular call is that this is a dead heat, a toss-up, and we … Continue reading

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Fresh thoughts on TV

My Christmas-New Year’s vacation was bookended somewhat by TV critic David Bianculli‘s conversation with Terry Gross on Fresh Air about the best television of 2010. This primarily occurred because I caught the original airing on Dec. 22 and then it was rerun … Continue reading

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Laura Bell Bundy Achin’ and Shakin’ at Walmart

April Mullins was talking fast on her cell phone. “They’re lined up like Barack Obama is here, or something,” the 29-year-old Lexington resident said to her friend on the other end of the line. Mullins had just come in to … Continue reading

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White House party crashers: I don’t get . . .

Obviously White House party crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi became the fun little diversionary story over the holiday weekend, albeit one with some serious implications. In case you were too busy trying to run down $499 flat screens, the skinny … Continue reading

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Political Junkie: Obama hasn’t kept those cards (texts) and letters (e-mails) coming

Yet another evening of ­kvetching about the health care debate was winding to a close Tuesday night on The Rachel Maddow Show when guest Bill Maher made a great point about President Barack Obama’s inability to get his message across. … Continue reading

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And the American Idol winner will be . . .

I’m going to take a quick lunch break here to join my fellow entertainment scribes out on a limb and make an American Idol prediction. It is a bit of a limb, because apparently this race is just too close … Continue reading

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Counting the implausibilities of ’24’

After Barack Obama was elected president, we were treated to plenty of stories about presidential security. The accounts included that the public couldn’t get within blocks of Obama’s Chicago home, that a date for Barack and Michelle Obama involved several … Continue reading

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LexArts’ president Jim Clark speaks out in support of stimulus plan

Folks with a keen ear toward Washington have probably heard the National Endowment for the Arts and the arts in general mentioned in discussions of the stimulus plan currently being debated by the Senate. The initial bill, passed last week … Continue reading

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Our Lincoln diary: Dream come true or nightmare?

If President Barack Obama comes to Monday night’s Our Lincoln performance at the Kennedy Center, it would be a dream come true for seemingly everyone involved in the production. It would also be a logistical nightmare for a show that … Continue reading

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